Saturday, January 03, 2015

136 Days in Counting

Happy New Year, everyone! It's hard to believe we've already passed the threshold of a brand new year. 

It's also hard to believe that I've been here in Thailand for 136 days already. These past few days have been wonderful, growth-filled days. I am truly an abundantly blessed girl.  

I've had great intentions to share more on this blog about my time here. But due to the busyness of my schedule here, I haven't had an abundance of time to write updates. Teaching four classes everyday, practicing songs for upcoming events, trying to work on finishing a college class, playing games with the students, being entertained by the four girls who come to our hut whenever they have free time (which is quite often), preparing to give worship or chapel talks, or teach the 9th & 10th grade Sabbath school class, going on runs with some of my fellow teachers and more... keeps me pretty busy. (Christmas was a busy time too. I'll have to write a post about that sometime soon.)

I'm thankful to have a purpose in life, like so many people don't have. I'm thankful to be a missionary working with such sweet people. 

Even though I don't have the time to put a lot of thought into writing a blog post, I thought I could share some pictures of my students and others with you. Pictures speak a thousand words, right? There's so much more to share, but this is a start. 

My 10th grade class - they all have very unique personalities. I wish you could meet them all!

 The 9th graders - They are all wearing their class shirts that I helped design for them (except for the two day students who didn't realize they were supposed to wear their class shirts that day).

 Some of my sweet 9th grade girls - One of them had to leave this term. :(

Teacher Raquel with some of her students before she left. 

 These students love to take pictures with us! 

 Moo Koh Paw is one of my 10th graders on the left.
She's one of the ones who is always visiting my hut. She keeps me laughing. 

 We went on a nice outing a few weeks ago - the views were breathtaking!

 Here's a cute little munchkin. He's almost like the school "mascot." 
His mom is the girl's dean here at the school. 

 These girls were happy to be moving into their new dorm. 
We had the dorm dedication & ribbon cutting at the beginning of this term. It has been a long time in coming - we're so thankful that the girls and boys have a nice new place to stay now. 

This is one of the two new girl's dorm buildings. 

 Mr. Adams (Papa Doh) with little Timothy cutting the ribbon at the dorm dedication.

Girls carrying their few belongings to their new dorm.

This little guy gets this contagious smile on his face when I come to visit him. 
Please pray for him though - he recently broke his leg again. His bones are so weak and brittle. 

Important note: If you are email subscribed to this blog and you've been seeing some weird posts - Don't worry, it's not me... Those email subscriptions were still connected with my old blog address - which I don't have anymore. My old blog has a new owner now. So you should just unsubscribe to the old blog and then then try to subscribe to my new blog.
Sorry about that.


  1. Who are the two new girls in the picture with you, Raquel, Haley, and the Steck family?

  2. Sorry I took so long to reply... They are new volunteers here - Tharamu Elizabeth Johnson and her daughter Rebecca. They've been here since the beginning of the 3rd school term.