Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Is God Your Pilot?

We're sitting here in the Los Angeles airport after flying from Dallas, TX this morning. It's a major hub for flights -- almost like a little city all by itself.

It's hard to believe this is actually happening. We are going to be flying across the great blue ocean from LA to Seoul, Korea in just a few hours. We'll eventually arrive in Bangkok on Wednesday evening (their time). 

It seems right though. I know God has called me to go to Thailand to work for Him. I'm excited to be traveling. I'm excited to be a missionary for God.

While on the flight here from Dallas, I was reminded of a story I had heard recently...

One day, a pastor was traveling on a plane.  During his flight, the pilot's voice came over the loudspeaker and told the passengers that they were going to be passing through some bad turbulence. Sure enough, the plane was soon being roughly jostled up and down and side to side. It was almost like an earthquake. There was an overwhelming sense of fear in the air. 

That's when the pastor noticed the small girl.  She was calmly sitting in her seat, contentedly reading a book, as if she was at home in her own living room. She was relaxed and at peace. This surprised the pastor and he determined that as soon as possible he must ask her why she wasn't frightened. How could this little girl be so calm when even the adults around her were quaking with fear?

To everyone's relief, the plane landed safely at their destination. Needless to say, the passengers were eager to exit the plane and step onto the firm, steady ground.

The pastor went over to the young girl right away and asked her, "Why were you not afraid on the plane? You didn't look worried at all..."

The girl smiled and responded simply, "Oh, my Daddy is the pilot, and he is taking me home."

That's the peace and the assurance that I want to experience while on this mission trip. I can have perfect confidence that my heavenly Father is the pilot in charge of my life and He is ultimately taking me home. So can you. :)

Waiting in LA

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  1. Aw, I love that story, and what an important lesson it has for each one of us!
    I'm so glad you're here, and I have enjoyed getting to know you and Raquel better! I feel thankful to be able to pass my responsibilities on to you two, knowing that they'll be in capable hands!
    Many blessings to your time teaching; I know that our Heavenly Daddy will give you strength and peace day by day. He has been so faithful to me in the time I've been here.