Monday, August 25, 2014

Photos From Our Journey

Here are a few pictures from our journey from Bangkok to Sunshine Orchards. 

Plumerias have an amazing smell!

Pink plumerias

Our kind friends who helped us wayfaring travelers. 

Brian Atwell (on right) picked us up from the airport. He and his wife & baby are so sweet! His wife fed us a yummy breakfast at their little hotel room. 
Auntie Raweewan (on left) and her husband drove us from Bangkok to Sunshine Orchards
I'm so thankful for Christian friends!

We were so excited to see elephants on the way!

A cool, refreshing coconut treat

They can pack so much in the back of trucks here. 

Photos from an Outdoor Market

Beautiful Orchids

Bamboo shoots


What a surprise! Yuck!

Small peppers & a root vegetable


  1. Loving all these posts and looking forward to seeing a glimpse of Thailand here! I know God will bless your efforts as you serve Him! Hugs!

  2. Those Plumerias look like Frangipanis to me. Is that another name for them? May God bless you as you work for and with Him in Thailand.

  3. Hannah, I'm glad you're enjoying them. Thanks for the prayers. Hugs to you too!
    Yes, Rebekah, I believe Plumerias and Frangipanis are different names for the same flower. :)