Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's Different?

There are so many new things here. It's hard to know what to write about... Maybe I'll just make a list of what's different than what I'm used to in the US. 

Here you go... 
  • Having a hut with no windows, so any creature or insect can come and go freely - Geckos, spiders, and ants are regular visitors. I like all the fresh air that we get. 
  • Experiencing cold, refreshing, public river baths - I look forward to bath time at the river. It's like you're going swimming Most of the girls go down to the river at the same time to take their baths. In case you're wondering, you wear a sarong the whole time. :)
    • Using squat toilets - It's not as bad as I thought it would be.
    • Sleeping under a mosquito net on a thin woven mat - There are many things we take for granted in the US.  (Thankfully, the mosquitos haven't been much of a problem so far.).
    • Hearing new sounds from geckos & other creatures - They can be pretty large and colorful.
    • Sitting on the hard floor in the chapel - I'm still getting used to this and have some sore areas. :) There are not many chairs around here at all. 
    • Hearing the Karen language spoken all the time - Raquel and I are going to start taking Karen language lessons today. Hopefully we can learn fast. 
    • Washing all my clothes by hand - It's good exercise! (Some of the teacher's do have washing machines we could use sometimes.).
    • Enjoying new kinds of fruit (dragon fruit, finger bananas, longkong, longan, and of course - avocados) - I'm looking forward to mango season as well. 
    • Eating rice with some type of curry three times a day.
    • Taking my shoes off before entering any building - It's fun to go barefoot. 
    • Having a somewhat sketchy internet connection - Well, that's not totally new ... People from OH can probably sympathize sometimes. :)
    • Seeing the vivid colors all around - The rain makes everything so green and vibrant. 
    Overall I really do enjoy this simple life. I like being so far away from worldly distractions. There are no giant billboards or other such distractions here in the country. 

    I've been realizing that the US is a lot more "me" focused. Everyone is wanting to fit in and have the newest, nicest things. They want to look just right and wear the right brand of clothing. (It's actually nice not to have a bathroom mirror here.) 

    Everything is so materialistic... so fake.

    It's nice to really live - not just living on Facebook or watching "perfect" models "live" on TV, like other Americans do.  

    The people here live just fine with a lot less. They are happy and contented. Some of the kids do not even know when their birthday is, because their parents never had a calendar or anything to keep track of time. 

    It's nice to be here to refocus... to redefine what is truly important in life. I am reminded that true joy and fulfillment comes only from a relationship with Jesus. 

    This is the old girl's dorm behind us. 

    This picture was taken right after we arrived at Sunshine Orchards.
    We are with the Steck family who are a major part of the school here. Mr. Steck is the Principal for Sunshine Orchards. 

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    1. HI Hannah. I just LOVE your blog! It is so fun to "see" where you are at and to follow your adventures. It sounds like you are making lasting memories and learning a lot. Please give Mrs. Steck a hug and tell her "Hi" for me. That is really cool that you get to be there with them. I am so glad you have internet where you are at. Please keep the posts coming. Sending lots of love and hugs your way.

      Aunt Linda