Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Campus & Kids

This afternoon I took some more pictures to post. Hope you enjoy!

  A view near my hut. The garden area is where the old girl's dorm used to be. 

 The chapel that fits over 300 students plus teachers - it is quite crowded.

 Our little hut from a different angle

Our hut and the steep rock steps that go up to the Stecks house. 

 This is where the student's get their rice every meal. 
(I'll try to get a picture at a mealtime sometime, to show you the long line.)

 My afternoon computer class

 The creek where we bathe with the girls sometimes. 

There are a lot of dogs that roam this campus. 

Clothes hanging out to dry at a teacher's home. 

 A little guy who has been hanging out on our porch for the last few days. He has a bone disease--both his legs are broken right now--and yet he is still smiles. 
(You can read more about him on Raquel's blog - raquelariel.blogspot.com)
The children's home (Adams house)

The newest little addition to the children's home. Her name means "Sweet, Sweet Flower."

Ninga peeking around the pole

He finally let me take a better picture of him. 

Ku Ku Paw's cheesy smile

I think this butterfly likes purple too. 

I'm so thankful for the simple beauty in nature. 

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