Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Moments of Friendship

We're back into the busyness of unending lesson planning and teaching. Thankfully the pinkeye epidemic is ending. I've never been so thankful for healthy, pain-free eyes. 

I know that I will greatly miss this place when I leave. I am beginning to build stronger friendships with the students. I enjoy those special friendship moments. 

Like when Naw Nu Nu, one of my 10th graders, asked to have a bath with me in our little outhouse. So yes, that's what we did - in our bathing sarongs of course. :) She chatted to me in broken English while we sudsed up. I was able to learn more about her. There's one thing we disagreed on - She loves durian, and I do not like durian (at least not yet). She also says she wants to preach the Gospel in Burma, for which I am very glad. 

Or the time Sharon and I went for a run down the country road that borders the school. We passed by fields of growing rice, loud motorbikes, and friendly people walking by. We then cleared the path up to the banana hill with machetes to get some more exercise. At the top of the hill, we talked about our students while we got moistened by the gentle rain and enjoyed the view I never tire of. (It's the same view as the picture at the top of my blog.)

Or the time after supper when I was coming down the steps from the Stecks house and noticed two of my 8th graders shyly waiting for me near my hut. They had come to visit Raquel and I until the time came for evening worship. We walked arm in arm for the last few steps to my hut. We shared smiles and laughs and they taught me a few words in Karen (of which I've forgotten already). 

Or special evening prayer times and talk times with my mission partner - Raquel. It's been meaningful sharing our hearts with our Savior together and praying for our friends and family. 

Or Sabbath afternoon story time on the sandy beach by the river with friends. We were reading an old favorite - Nyla and the White Crocodile. The breeze felt great and the view of the beautiful mountains topped it off. 

Or when July Paw slipped her arm through mine and looked up at me with her sweet ever-ready smile as we walked out of the missionary meeting on Sabbath night.

I'm especially thankful for my Friend that sticks closer than a brother. I've been soaking up the moments I've had with just Him and I lately. There's nothing that tops that experience. Oh, that I would prioritize this time more in my life.

Being so far across the ocean from my dear ones in the US has caused me to realize even more how privileged I am to have Jesus in my life. 

He's loves us more than anyone else in the whole world. 
He's that Friend that we all want and need. 
He will never ever let us down. 
He's never too busy to talk. 
He's always there.

I encourage you to get to know Him better. You won't regret it. 

 Riding in the back of a truck is normal here.
We had just finished eating delicious Thai food at a nearby restaurant. 

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